Trustworthy A/C Repair In Your Community

Airpro Heating, Cooling & Construction Offers Honest And Affordable Air Conditioner Repair, Heater And Furnace Service In Tulsa, Oklahoma.

AirPro Heating, Cooling & Construction is the premium choice in residential and commercial HVAC service, repair and installation in the Greater Tulsa area.

As a small, family owned business, we are proud of our reputation of integrity and trustworthiness. We care about our community, and strive to provide the very best in ALL heating and air conditioning needs for the affordable price you won’t find most other places.

Our technicians specialize in total home comfort, with services ranging from simple A/C repairs to re-modeling and full HVAC system installation.

Total Home Care

Call us today at (918) 543-1400 for more information on our Total Home Care specialty — where we keep you and your loved ones safe from dangerous molds and viruses that could be residing in your home without the proper care.

Discounts for Seniors, Veterans and Teachers

To show our appreciation for our community’s heroes, we are happy to offer discounts on all services for our Oklahoma school teachers, military veterans, and senior citizens. Allow us to THANK YOU for all you’ve done to improve the community we love so much!

AirPro Heating, Cooling & Construction is Tulsa's best choice for A/C repair, heater and furnace repair and HVAC service.

Clean Your Outdoor HVAC

Summer will be here soon... and you'll be depending heavily on your air conditioner to maintain you family's comfort. An important step in ensuring it does it's job is making sure the outdoor unit is clean.

Clean out any leaves, grass or dirt that may be blocking your vents. If you don't clean them out, it will restrict the airflow in your home, which will reduce your HVAC system's efficiency.

Call us at (918) 543-1400 for a spring tune-up that ensures a comfortable, efficient, and cost effective summer!

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Air Conditioner repair, furnace and heat pump service, on all makes and models of heaters and A/C units... just call AirPro Heating Cooling & Construction!

About Us

Over 20 years combined experience in the HVAC industry in Tulsa. We provide a better job for a better price for our valued customers.

If you have problems with you A/C unit not cooling your home, your first call should always be AirPro Heating Cooling & Construction for quick air conditioner repair.


We offer an innovative and customizable bi-annual maintenance plan which keeps your HVAC system running at it’s full potential year round.

AirPro Heating Cooling & Construction is proud to represent American Standard Heating and Cooling equipment, the best air conditioners and heaters on the market!

Our Products

We are an independent American Standard Dealer. That means we offer the industry’s best heating and cooling equipment.

Why You Should Choose

AirPro Heating Cooling & Construction is an authorized American Standard Heating & Cooling dealer in Tulsa, OK that offers A/C and Heat repair.


You can always depend on the reliability of American Standard. Since 1881, we have built systems that deliver quality heating and cooling during your family’s most precious moments.


American Standard creates smarter solutions that improve the lives of our customers and our environment. Our sustainable heating & cooling products help reduce our energy footprint.

Home Comfort

Our goal is to create the perfect heating and cooling system for your family. We evaluate your home and design a system that best fits your needs, as well as one the fits your budget.

Air Quality

American Standard’s line of indoor air quality solutions help keep your air cleaner and fresher. We offer plenty of options to improve your air quality from humidity and allergens.

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