Quality HVAC Service & Installation

AirPro Heating, Cooling & Construction is Tulsa’s number one choice in HVAC repair and service for both residential and commercial needs.

Our professional crew is always ready to serve customers

AirPro represents a new era in HVAC service, keeping the costs down without the quality of work having to suffer. With innovative problem solving and top-notch results, you won’t regret hiring us to repair your heating and air conditioning system.

For both residential and commercial accounts, AirPro does not operate on the old “commission” structure. That means there is no motivation for technicians to inflate the costs for services you may not need. There will never be a hidden fee or surprise charge on one of our bills. We will restore your home or office to the comfort you expect for the price we promise.

With an extensive base of knowledge on ALL makes and models in the industry, AirPro will never recommend complete system replacements just for the sake of a fatter check. In most cases, we are able to complete necessary repairs no matter how old your current model is. If your issue does require equipment replacement, we will explain everything you need to know in order to make the best purchase decision for your home and your budget.

Call us today at (918) 543-1400 and we will have a technician to your home as soon as we can to diagnose and repair your HVAC system.

Performing an HVAC install on a newly constructed home.